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More than 12 years ago we tentatively opened our creative minds to the world. Back then – in 2008 – the creative landscape looked very different to today. This was the year for quick learners, innovators, inventors find placements in market shares  – it was also the year in which we said goodbye to darkrooms and hello to new media.

We started with a simple aim – to provide unique visuals for our clients (nothing less would do). We wanted to be more relevance and we believe everyone deserves it. We believe in process and over the years have refined and perfected our working method and approach. We blend strategy and creativity to create meaningful and compelling brand propositions and stories. These then drive and complement all other creative communications going forward, to ensure the brand in question is consistently and coherently presented to audiences, customers and markets.

Yes, we assist and complement our creative comrades in various fields, working together to deliver only the best for our mutual clients.

There’s a simple reason people come to us. We specialise in something of real commercial value. Visual expertise.

Everything we create, be it strategy, creative or digital, is done to help grow your brand and your business.

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  • Commercial Photography

    INCREDIBLE SHOTS. STRESS-FREE SERVICE. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. There’s a massive number of photographers with impressive portfolios. So why choose Nusantara? We think it comes down to confidence. Having worked with hundreds of clients, we understand how daunting it can be to find the right photographer. Of course, you want exceptional shots – but you also want someone who is flexible, reliable, creative and efficient. Someone who can interpret your vision (even when you’re not sure what that looks like). You also want a photographer who makes the process easy and enjoyable. That’s what we deliver at Nusantara. Great photos and a stress-free experience you can rely on.

  • Video Productions

    Not everything has to be bloody expensive, but everything has a price to it. We believe our competitive edge is derived from our team, imagination and passion. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a product that you are truly proud of. Highly adaptable and open minded to your needs, we will bring you a personalized video production service as efficient and hospitable as possible. As a result, we’re always looking at taking on exciting new projects in Nusantara Visual Studio and working with you to break the mold and challenge the norms as we may be the only one has the solution you are looking for.

  • Live Streaming & Events

    We don’t just flip on our phones and start live streaming. We use state-of-the-art broadcast equipment tailored to your specific needs and goals to create the highest quality live stream video production possible. Our objective is to pair advanced tech with experienced marketing to find the best solution for your live stream. We’re your strategic partner during the event to ensure your live stream effectively communicates your message, so it will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact. Our live stream process is customized, creative, and results-driven.


“It all depends on what you visualize.” -Ansel Adams

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“I believe in creative visualization.” -Victoria Beckham